20 Reasons Why We Pray Corporately

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20 Reasons Why We Pray Corporately 

  1. The Lord told our director to start a daily corporate prayer meeting.

  2. The Lord spoke that He was going to use this group to help birth 24/7 prayer in the Metroplex.  We’ve since had many confirmations that He is going to use The Prayer Room to impact our region.

  3. Generals International has prophesied that DFW would be a revival center birthed out of prayer.

  4. God has already begun to restore the Tabernacle of David, a world wide 24/7 prayer and worship movement (Ac. 15:15-17).

  5. God dwells in a House of Prayer and says His Church will be known (distinguished) by prayer in the last days (Is. 56:7).

  6. God appoints watchmen on the wall to pray for the fulfillment of His promises (Is. 62:6-7).

  7. God promises that He will use people to bring swift justice (make things right), if we call to Him night-and-day (Lk. 18:8).

  8. Continual corporate prayer was mandatory in the life of New Testament Christianly as found among the believers in the book of Acts (Ac 1:14, 2:42, 6:4).

  9. Corporate prayer positions us primarily in the place of encounter (Ps. 27:4).

  10. Corporate prayer is necessary to avoid judgment in times of crisis (Jo. 2:15-17; Zph. 2:1-3).

  11. God said if we would pray corporately He would listen and respond (2Ch. 7:14).

  12. We want for DFW to be a pocket of mercy in the end-time Judgments and after.

  13. The priest’s two most important tasks are intercession and worship as established in Leviticus. 

  14. DFW will not come into the fullness of God unless the Church ushers Him in through prayer.

  15. City wide Church unity is birthed forth from the place of prayer.

  16. There is end-time revelation reserved only for the praying Church at the end of the age.

  17. We strengthen one another to become wholehearted by seeking Him together in prayer.

  18. We are sustained and our hearts are continually softened in the place of corporate prayer.

  19. There is great character produced by the scarifies made in order to pray corporately.

  20. We feel the Lord giving us a charge to form our whole lives around prayer as a generation.


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