Whole Hearted Living - Principles from the Sermon on the Mount - Bible Teaching by Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

The Gospel of Matthew records a famous sermon of Jesus’ where He lays out what can rightly be seen as the constitution of the Kingdom of God. These three chapters are known as Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and they define for us what real Christianity should look like. The subjects presented in this sermon are not flashy, instead they are quite challenging because of how they impact our routines, motives and responses. In this short course we will look at the principles that Christ lays out for us and talk about practical ways to apply these values in our day-to-day lives.

Principles from the Sermon on the Mount (Short Course)

  Session 1: Living As a Wise Builder

  Session 2: Living Out the Beattitudes

  Session 3: Living Carefully

  Session 4: Living Out the Foundations of the Faith

  Session 5: Living Out Love for Those Who Mistreat Us

  Session 6: Living By Faith

  Session 7: Living Out the Lord's Prayer

  Session 8: Living a Spiritually Fervent Life