Prayer and Worship Schedule
Live Prayer and Worship: 126 Hours of Live Worship Per Week at The Prayer Room

Our prayer room is set up with aids to help you pray such as prayer stations with rotating intercession themes, a prayer request board, books and bible study resources, a communion station as well as tables available for your use.  Please feel free to come pray, read, study, meditate, worship and receive prayer any time 20 hours a day.

5am - 7am DEVO Petition: Houses of Prayer (National) Petition: Marketplace Petition: Preparation for the End Times Petition: The Prayer Room Community Petition: Prayer for Israel DEVO
7am - 9am Instrumental DEVO DEVO DEVO DEVO DEVO DEVO
9am - 11am DEVO DEVO DEVO DEVO Read Through: Revelation DEVO DEVO
11am -1pm DEVO Petition: Nightwatch


Petition: US Justice Stystem DEVO
1pm - 3pm DEVO DEVO Instrumental DEVO DEVO Petition: The Oppressed DEVO
3pm - 5pm DEVO Petition: 10/40 Window Petition: Persecuted Church Instrumental DEVO Petition: Global Refugee Crisis DEVO
5pm - 7pm DEVO DEVO DEVO DEVO Petition: Bible Translation DEVO DEVO
7pm - 9pm Intercession:
Ending Abortion
The Nations
Instrumental DEVO Petition: Unity in the Church DEVO DEVO
9pm - 11pm DEVO Petition: ReviveTX DEVO Petition: Women of Influence DEVO Petition: HOPs Across DFW DEVO
11pm - 1am DEVO DEVO DEVO Read Through: Song of Songs Petition: HOPs in Texas Petition: Human Trafficking DEVO
CLOSED 1:00AM - 5:00AM (doors open each day at 4:50AM)

Prayer Set Types

Worship with the Word: Worship format where our team develops a passage through song and meditative prayer
Intercession: Theme-based intercession with a full team where our singers turn your prayers into song
Petition: Theme-based prayer with one or more musicians
Devotional: One of our worship leaders leads out in a creative, song-writing, devotional worship environment
Read Through: Reading through a specific book of the Bible each week with instrumental music and chorsus 

Join the Community

The Prayer Room community is a group of individuals from many denominational backgrounds who have all banded together to build sustained prayer and worship to Jesus in Dallas/Fort Worth. To join our community, the first  and most important way to participate is by committing to joining at least one weekly prayer meeting (you can choose to join additional sets if you like and of course you are always welcome to come whenever you want; the doors are open 18 hours per day).  We call this joining the Sacred Trust, because we are making a sober commitment before the Lord to prioritize and participate in that weekly meeting every week.  It is also a commitment to one another that we will be at our specific prayer meeting(s), unless we are out of town sick, or have an unavoidable work conflict. Everyone in The Prayer Room community has made this same commitment to be a part of the Sacred Trust and we would love to have you join us in helping to establish night and day prayer here in our region.

Join a Sacred Trust


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