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Schools and Classes Offered at the TPR Missions Base

The Forerunner School of Ministry is a part time Bible School that is semester based, offering curriculum on a variety of forerunner themes that relate to the hour we are living in(prayer, end times and revival to name a few). Each semester we offer a handul of selected courses from our growing curriculum.  FSM courses are open to all and individuals may choose to sign up on a course by course basis (a student may take as many or as few courses as they wish each semester). Please check back in with us periodically for updates on classes being offered through FSM.
Our House of Prayer Planting School is designed to help those who feel called to lead a house of prayer or praying church.  It provides a unique learning environment through first hand experience, training and exposure to different expressions of the house of prayer. Students will experience the inner workings of our missions base as they participate in the administrative dynamics of how it is run at its various levels. They will also have weekly access to our leadership team as we provide each student with mentoring for the specific expression of the house of prayer that they feel called to be a part of.
The Prayer Room Missions Base offers a thorough Partnership Development Course for all those who go through our internship and for all who are desiring to join full or part time staff here at our missions base.  Additionally this course is available each semester for those wanting to get a refresher on support raising or those from outside the ministry wanting to understand our support raising process. 

TPR’s Forerunner Music Academy is a part time training school (10 hrs/wk) aimed at worship leaders, singers and musicians.  From the beginner musician to the advanced worship leader, FMA exists for all those wanting to cultivate a passionate heart of worship and lead others into deeper encounter with His Spirit through anointed music.  No matter what venue you're in, this school will cause your heart to grow deeper in love Christ, to increase in your skill level and excellence on the platform as well as equip you with the tools you need to help others connect with the Lord’s heart in worship. 

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Services and Programs

Our Encounter Services are a weekly time for the community to come together for a time of worship and equpipping. The teachings focus on themes pertaining to prayer and the hour in which we live.  We begin with an hour of worship and then our dire tor Brad Stroup normally does multi part teaching series and provides study notes on forerunenr themese.  Saturday nights are open to all as a time of fellowship and vision casting for the House of Prayer.  All are welcome, worship begins at 7:00pm.
Encounter God Services Saturdays at 5pm
"Whenever it is helpful, I like to come in and spend a day or two meeting with the director and key leaders of a house of prayer in order to hear their specific vision and analyze how to help them get where they feel like the Lord is leading them as a prayer ministry through our House of Prayer Consulting Program. I lean on thing things we’ve seen work over the last 8+ years and the 100 things we learned not to do. There are some simple ideas for how to make things work better, how to make prayer more enjoyable and practical strategies on how to grow a house of prayer from stage one to stage two and from stage two to stage ten." -Brad Stroup
Sign up for a Weekend Preview. Come our mission base for a couple of days and see our operations, interact with our community and talk with members of our full and part time staff.  While you’re here schedule a meeting with one of our senior leaders sometime on Friday to connect a bit.  Spend some time in our prayer room which in open all day with live worship led prayer from 5:00am to 11:00pm.  Attend our Encounter Service which starts at 7:00pm on Saturday Nights.  Browse through our on base resource center; many of our resource are only available here at our missions base.

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Events and Trainings

We offer ongoing Prayer Leader Training for those wanting to learn how to prayer lead, whether the desire is simply to learn a new skill, to help out here on our missions base or to see how we do things in order to take those skills back to their local church or prayer group. Consider joining one of our prayer teams for a season as we train you in how to lead the room in prayer and flow together with a worship team in either devotional based formats or intercession.

Our Harp and Bowl workshop is designed to impart the principles of prophetic worship and spoken prayers that unlock hearts and release the kingdom of God. Basic instruction as well as hands on training and activations will be provided for all singers, prayer leaders, musicians, intercessors, worship leaders, and anyone who wants to go deeper in a lifestyle of worship and intercession. If you have ever wanted to learn how to flow in prophetic worship like IHOP-KC then this is your chance. Please join us and bring some friends along with you.
We host an annually Praying Church Leadership Summit aimed at equpping those wanting to learn more about how to build praying expressions in various contexts.  We would like to invite church and ministry leaders into a dialogue about the importance of a culture of prayer in the context of a community of believers. 

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