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Receive Prophetic Ministry at The Prayer Room


Prophetic Ministry Appointments

We periodically offer Prophetic Minsitry on Saturday nights before our Encounter Services; when we do we will send out an eflyer to let everyone know about the upcoming time of Prophetic Minsitry being offered.  These appointments are available for sign up the week leading up to any Saturday where we will be offering Prophetic Minsitry.  These ministry appointments are times of encouragement and exhortation by our trained prophetic ministry team.  They listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit to hear what God is saying about you and your life.  Come be encouraged and plan on being impacted by this incredible gift the Lord has given the Church; prophetic ministry.

"But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort (1Co. 14:3)."

Ministry Schedule:

Ministry slots have limited availability so please plan to be at the base by 4:30 to sign up ahead of time to ensure that you will receive prophetic ministry.  After you have signed in you will be given a start time and we ask that you make sure that you are in the prayer room sitting in the designated seats at least 30 minutes before your scheduled minstry time.  

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