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Forerunner Music Academy

What is the Forerunner Worship Academy?

TPR’s Forerunner Worship Academy is a part-time training school (13-15 hours per week) aimed at worship leaders, singers, and musicians.  From the beginner musician to the more experienced worship leader, FWA exists for all those wanting to cultivate a passionate heart of worship and lead others into deeper encounter with His Spirit through anointed music.  No matter what venue you lead, play or sing in, this school will cause your heart to grow deeper in love with Christ, to increase in your skill level and excellence on the platform as well as equip you with the tools you need to help others connect with the Lord’s heart in worship.

One of the really fun things about having been building the house of prayer for over 14 years now is that our programs keep getting better and better.  As our staff matures in understanding and skill and our relationships with partner ministries increase, we are continually able to offer better schools and training.  This spring we are proud to launch a school of worship called the Forerunner Worship Academy (FWA).  Without a doubt, FWA is going to be the best music and worship training that The Prayer Room has ever been able to offer.  The International House of Prayer University in Kansas City will be sending us two of their finest to help us run this school.  Three of their fourth-year music majors will be joining us for the semester to provide our FWA with high caliber instruction and help create an excellent learning environment.  You aren't going to want to miss this incredible opportunity to grow as a singer, musician, or worship leader.  


  • Theology of Worship
  • The Worth of Christ
  • The Worship Movement and 24/7 Prayer
  • Exalting God in Platform Ministry
  • The Beauty Realm of God
  • Prophetic Singing
  • Song Writing 101
  • Instrument Training 2 times a week
  • Weekly Model Training
  • Weekly Voice Training
  • Weekly Guided Practice Time
  • Study on Book of Revelation


Monday classes are from 7-9pm (instrument, voice, theology).

Thursday classes are from 7-9pm (instrument, voice, practice).

Saturday classes are from 3pm-7pm. Students will eat dinner together weekly (with the optional meal plan) and then join our Encounter Service.

Students commit to 3 weekly prayer meetings of their choosing.



Tuition: $325 for the 14-week program

Deposit: $75 non-refundable deposit upon acceptance (included in $325)

Meal Card: $100 optional meal card is available for the semester for Saturday night dinners (12 meals included). 

Temporary Housing: (not available at this time)


FWA students will audition and be placed in classes specific to their skill level in guitar, piano, and voice so they can receive instruction tailored to their ability.  Additionally, students will have weekly classes on music theory, theology of worship, and hands-on training in how to flow together on a worship team. The Lord wants to hear your voice.  He is longing for an army of worshipers to arise, those learning to sing the songs of the Lord, who are becoming skillful musicians and who are writing new songs that will usher in His presence and call a generation into lifestyles of devotion. 

Who is FWA for?

Our music school is designed for the eager beginner as well as the intermediate music student seeking to hone their skills.  Because of the way that we are structuring this school, anyone who wants to grow in the area of worship regardless of your skill level is welcome.  Our instructors are equipped in how to take a brand new music student, who has never picked up a guitar or never touched a keyboard before, from being totally uninstructed to playing their instrument by the end of the semester (practice required, of course).  All FWA students will be rated according to their entry skill level in order to provide them with instruction and training specific to their needs, so intermediate music students will be placed in separate training classes from beginners.  All students will serve on worship teams as the semester progresses to help them not only grow in their music skills but learn how to flow as a worship team.


Academy Dates:

2020 Dates: January 18th - April 25th



Previous experience with instruments/vocals not required for your acceptance into the program. An additional pastoral recommendation may also be requested before admittance. Additional questions concerning the school may be directed to caitlynlutz@theprayerroomdfw.com

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