Book of Revelation - Letters to the Seven Churches - Bible Teaching Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

Contrary to popular belief Jesus’ last words weren’t given to the disciples before His ascension they were given to the Apostle John while he was in prison some decades later.  Christ gave John the beloved His End Time battle strategy and told him to address the message to the seven churches in Asia Minor.  To each church was written an intense letter from Christ to them as an individual congregation.  The message of these letters however reaches far beyond the exhortation to those who received it in 95 A.D. with many implications pertaining to the Church of the last generation.  Join us in this three part series as we discover the meaning and purpose that Christ had in mind in these letters to the seven churches.

 Letters to the Seven Churches

  Session 1: Introduction to the Letters

  Session 2: Message and Exhortations

  Session 3: Learning From the Seven Churches