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God's End Time Plan for Israel

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By Brad Stroup

The Bible describes in detail the destiny of one nation start to finish; Israel, described as the apple of God’s eye and the place of His future rule.  As believers, living in what we believe to be the final generation, God’s thoughts and agenda for His nation is more important than we can imagine.  We have been unwittingly influenced by our culture’s growing anti-Semitism, we live in the fruit of the decisions and policies about God’s people that our national leaders have put into place, and all the while God watches to see how His Bride will respond.  In this 3 part series we will look at the difficult path ahead and eventual exaltation of this little Middle Eastern nation.

God's End Time Plan for Israel

Session 1: Setting the Story Line

Session 2: Deliverance and Salvation

  Session 3: Ruling and Reigning