The Prayer Movement & The Priesthood - TPRs Prophetic History - Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

In 2005 the Lord began to speak to us about establishing a prayer furnace that would burn brightly until His return; but He had begun to set things into motion for us long beforehand.  When we began our part in the journey we had little idea about what was happening and what we had said yes to.  Since that time the Lord has given us significant insight into His plans for us as a ministry as well as some clues about how those plans fit into His broader strategy in this generation.  We recommend this series to anyone currently involved at The Prayer Room or who might be interested in us; it tells the story of how we began, the supernatural testimonies along the way and what He has spoken about our future.  We’ve experienced divine confirmations at each stage in our journey which gives us hope for the things that we are still looking to see fulfilled.  This series will guide you through our unique history, give you vision for our mandate and help you believe for the things we are expecting to see God do. 

TPRs Prophetic History

  Session 1: Foundations of the Prophetic Ministry

  Session 2: Our Ten Plus Year Story

  Session 3: Words That Established Our Calling

  Session 4: Our Part in a Global Movement
  Session 5: Divine Leadings, Warnings, and Connections

  Session 6: Financial Provision for the House

  Session 7: The Nora Story

  Session 8: The Escapade Promise

  Session 9: The Building Process

  Session 10: The Buried Treasure

  Session 11: Funding the End Time Prayer Movement