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House of Prayer Planting School

What is House of Prayer Planting School?

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Our House of Prayer Planting School is designed to help those who feel called to plant or lead a house of prayer or praying church.  This program provides a unique learning environment by giving future planters through first hand experience, practical training and exposure to several different expressions of what the house of prayer can look like.  Students will experience the inner workings of our missions base as they participate in the administrative dynamics of how it is run at its various levels.  They will also have weekly access to our leadership team as we provide each student with mentoring for the specific expression of the house of prayer that they feel called to be a part of.  


  • The Global Prayer Movement
  • Building the House of Prayer
  • Expressions of the House of Prayer
  • How to Build Your Team
  • Running a Missions Base
  • Things to Embrace and Things to Avoid
  • Casting and Keeping the Vision
  • Growth and Expansion Strategies
  • A Basic Prayer Model
  • Department Development
  • Financing Your Work
  • Administrative Steps


  • 30+ Hour Weekly Commitment
  • 16 Week Program
  • Evening Training Times
  • Monday: Visit local HOPs
  • Tuesday: Staff Meeting and Infrastructure
  • Wednesday: HOP Planting School Class
  • Thursday: Flex Night / Debrief Time
  • Friday: FSM Class
  • Saturday: Encounter God Service
  • Weekly Service Shift Around the Base
  • 7 Weekly Prayer Meetings
  • Join a Weekly Fasting Team


  • Weekly HOP Planting School Classes
  • Monthly Senior Staff Meeting
  • Sit in our our Weekly Staff Meetings
  • Visit different area HOPs
  • Debrief Meetings On What’s Being Learned
  • Enroll in a Weekly FSM Course
  • Usher Training and Philosophy
  • Section Leader Training
  • Harp and Bowl Training
  • Prayer Leader Training
  • Serve on the Saturday Night
  • Encounter Service Team
  • Training on HOP Administration


Tuition: $500 Students are responsible for all personal expenses Temporary housing is available for $350 per month

To register for this semester or to inquire about this program click the
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Forerunner Equipping Center » Part-Time Training Schools » HOP Planting

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