The Prayer Movement & The Priesthood - Building God's Priesthood - Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

The Lord has desired a faithful priesthood from each generation, a people set apart for Him, to minister to Him and to draw near to His presence.  Throughout history there have been times when His priests served Him and other times when the entire priesthood was rebuked for their half-hearted service.  It is the wisdom of God to raise up priests and the benefit of an entire generation to have them serving faithfully.  The priesthood was always God’s idea; a people set apart to hear from Him, cry out to Him and speaking on His behalf; they are His ministers.  This series looks at how God is again building His priesthood in our generation, calling forth faithful priests who will minister to Him in friendship and in worship and then out of that position they are to minister for Him to the people in intercession and in teaching.

Building His Priesthood

  Session 1: Night & Day Prayer as a Vocation

  Session 2: Our Responsibility to this Generation

  Session 3: A Priesthood for the Last Days