Book of Revelation - Tour of Heaven - Brad Stroup Bible Teaching

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By Brad Stroup

Most everyone has a picture in their head of what we think Heaven is like.  Many times our ideas are formed by what we’ve picked up along the way, what we’ve been taught, heard from others or by what we’ve seen depicted in the movies.  It’s unfortunate that most of this information had made Heaven out to be a surreal, mythical place unknowable until we pass into the afterlife.  But there is a very real place called Heaven and the details about it aren’t ambiguous at all, in fact the Bible is quite clear regarding many aspects of how it looks, feels and even is laid out.  This series takes the truth from the scripture and presents them together in straightforward teachings about the realities of Heaven.

Tour of Heaven (Short Course)

  Session 1: Introduction to the New Jerusalem

  Session 2: Dynamics of Heaven

  Session 3: The Throne of Glory

  Session 4: Heaven’s Throne Room

  Session 5: Defining the Parameters

  Session 6: Walk Through the Holy City