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Life in the Spirit

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By Brad Stroup

When I was in my early 20’s and young in my relationship with the Lord I didn’t fully know it but God was setting a foundation in my theology by what I was reading, experiencing and hearing about.  I read autobiographies about people who had dynamic lives in God, I heard stories about people who were encountering Him in powerful ways and I was regularly experiencing my own God stories.  All of this was formative for my walk in God; while the cement was still drying I was learning to believe in a God who did supernatural things.  This series testifies about who He is and what He’s like so that we can seek Him as the supernatural God who interacts with His people.  I want to cast a vision for the young believer to believe for more and God and press into Him in their personal life and ministry.  The stories told in these eight sessions will inspire, encourage and stir us up to encounter the Lord at a deeper level.

Life in the Spirit (Short Course)

  Session 1: Serving a Supernatural God

  Session 2: Filled with the Holy Spirit

  Session 3: Graces for Our Daily Life

  Session 4: Supernatural Finances

  Session 5: Stories from Africa

  Session 6: Leadings of His Spirit

  Session 7: Tokens From the Lord

  Session 8: Living Our Dreams