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Invite Director Brad Stroup, or other TPR Leadership to conduct a one-day seminar at your local church or organization.

Brad Stroup - Director of The Prayer Room

Popular One Day Seminar Topics

The Praying Church
Intro to the End Times
Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Sermon on the Mount Lifestyle
Signs of the Times
Tabernacle of David
Cultivating a Life of Prayer

Brad Stroup Teaching

One Day Seminars

The Prayer Room has been given a narrow ministry focus and message, but we believe that message is an important one for the Church in this hour.  With this in mind we have launched traveling One Day Seminars as a way to get out more with the vision & values of the prayer movement.  We are looking for opportunities to provide training, encouragement and instruction in local churches and ministries.  The purpose of these seminars is to provide a helpful injection of biblical teaching and personal interaction as well as provide plenty of study material for those desiring to go deeper afterward.

Event Details:

  • TPR seminar/conference instructor will come to your ministry location and conduct the seminar tailoring it to the needs of your ministry or congregation.
  • Session notes will be made available in digital format for all teaching sessions (we advise printing these notes for each attendee).  These notes are intended to be a resource.
  • We will also bring additional resources related to the seminar theme that will be available for purchase for those wanting to go deeper on a particular subject.
  • Your ministry would promote the One Day Seminar with the people in your ministry.  We recommend that you begin to promote the event 3-4 weeks ahead of time.
  • Additionally we ask that you give registrants the option of whether or not they would like to receive more information about The Prayer Room Missions Base (our schools, prayer schedule, etc.).  If they indicate that they are interested we request that you please provide us with their email address so that we can follow up.

See What Others are Saying

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"The One Day seminar we hosted was a weekend filled with godly fellowship and revelation. My heart burned within me as I heard God's wisdom spoken through the mouth of a leader who has spent hundreds of hours in His presence. I can't imagine a better way to spend a weekend!” "The weekend went very well. Our core team and myself were increasingly enlightened in regards to the road up ahead." The One Day Seminar was an explosion of revelation which made us hungry to study the word.

Basic Format:

(tailored to fit your ministry needs)

Our One Day Seminars have a basic format but we can tailored the event to fit the needs of your ministry. The seminars are typically all day events with scheduled breaks and a final night session where a time of worship is encouraged to precede the teaching. The TPR instructor leads the teaching sessions and discussion times and will provide session notes ( that may be printing on site. Each seminar also includes a Q/A time with instructor and/or a panel discussion about the seminar topic.

Costs Invovled:

(administrative costs to host a seminar)

The Prayer Room does not want finances to be a hindrance to being able to come do a One Day Seminar.  We desire greatly to come out and serve wherever we can and so we are willing to work with your ministry to figure out how to make an event happen at your location.  Typical expenses include travel, lodging and honorarium for the instructor’s time and preparation.

Booking Info:

(for all booking inquiries)

Contact Name:
Rachael Wilkinson