The Prayer Movement & The Priesthood - The Praying Church - Bible Teaching by Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

The term “Praying Church” is not talking about anything new or anything outside of historic Christianity.  In fact we really believe that the Praying Church is a returning to ancient foundations for the Church.  There are some common threads that we believe are foundational to the Lord’s purposes for the Church in this hour tied to us becoming a praying people.  The Lord is in pursuit of praying churches that fully embrace His heart and purposes for this generation.  This series is a dialogue about the importance forming a culture of prayer as well as some of ideas about what that can look like in our various contexts.

The Praying Church

  Session 1: God is Building a Prayer Movement Across the Earth

  Session 2: What is the Praying Church

  Session 3: Calling the Church to Pray