House of Prayer Consulting for Prayer Movement Leaders

Ministry Calling

As a missions base we feel called not only to build night and day prayer in our local context but also to strengthen pioneers, houses of prayer and church planters who have a desire to see a culture of prayer established.  Wherever we can we want to be a part of the process of shifting mindsets and paradigms about ministry to begin looking more like the words of Jesus “My house will be called a house of prayer (Mt. 21:13).

Our Story

Early Beginnings

As the director of The Prayer Room Missions Base and I want to tell you a little bit about our journey in the hopes that it may be helpful to you in yours.  We began holding daily prayer meetings in my living room in September 2005 with no finances, only a handful of people in our midst and no perceivable inroads for growth.  We had absolutely no idea what we were doing but we knew the house of prayer was something the Lord was really highlighting.  In other words we were the least equipped group you’ve ever seen which should give everyone hope because it means that what we’ve done is very reproducible!

A Thriving Missions Base

We are now a full time missions base with live worship 20 hours per day / 7 days per week and missionary staff who raise their own support in order to serve at the house of prayer as their job.  We offer a part time Bible school and we host regional conferences and trainings.  Presently people come from over 50 different churches and there are around 100 people who are committed to weekly prayer meetings.  We also give leadership to a couple HOP networks, from who we have learned so much and who have exposed us to every imaginable version of what the house of prayer can look like.

Founder of The Prayer Room Missions Base

Brad Stroup is happily married to his wife Amy and they reside in Arlington, Texas with their 3 children.  He has a passion for the Lord’s purposes in this generation and feels called to help strengthen the Church and encourage ministries to cultivate a culture of prayer.  Brad has dedicated nearly the last 15 years to teaching the Word of God and pioneering various works.  He has served in a variety of leadership roles including senior pastor, church planter and as a full time missionary in Muslim Africa.  He now helps to lead a network of houses of prayer and praying churches here locally as well as giving leadership to the National Missions Base Co-Op (a national coalition of houses of prayer which formed in 2012 when several larger missions bases across the US came together relationally).  Now Brad serves as the director of The Prayer Room Missions Base and travels as an itinerate speaker for conferences as well as offering consulting to houses of prayer and other ministries seeking to establish a prayer culture.

Consulting Description:

"Whenever it is helpful I like to come in and spend a day or two meeting with the director and key leaders of a house of prayer in order to hear their specific vision and analyze how to help them get where they feel like the Lord is leading them as a prayer ministry.  I lean on thing things we’ve seen work over the last 8+ years and the 100 things we learned not to do.  There are some simple ideas for how to make things work better, how to make prayer more enjoyable and practical strategies on how to grow a house of prayer from stage one to stage two and from stage two to stage ten."
-Brad Stroup

Consulting Content

All consulting is tailored to the individual ministry and their unique needs and circumstances, so because of that we will focus on whatever areas are most helpful to you in your context.  Below are several of the categories that we have given a good deal of attention to over the years.  Below are some of the issues we can help  with during a consulting weekend.

Prayer Room Administration   /   Model Development and Coaching   /   Recruiting Mechanisms   /   Growth and Expansion Efforts   /   Events to Fuel Your Prayer Room  /   Developing Your Training Programs   /   Staff and Volunteer Development   /   Maximizing Use of Space   /   Relating to the Church and Community   /   Branding and Increasing Influence   /   Messaging and Resource Development   /   Keeping Your Community Engaged


"With an idea to start a house of prayer and the excitement to serve God wherever He led we somehow stumbled into the best relationship we could imagine, a mentor and cheerleader! Brad has prayed for us, counseled us, visited and taught us with wisdom from God and years of experience. This mentoring has energized our prayer and worship, focused or efforts and spurred us on to fulfill God's will in our area."
-Andy Adams
Director of the Orange HOP

The weekend left us very encouraged and motivated to move forward in many areas of ministry and mandates that the Lord has given us. Brad's practical help and encouragement has had a marked influence on the staff and leadership of our house of prayer"
-Cynthia Griffith
Director of the College Station HOP


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Services We Offer

  • Conducting Sustainable Corporate Prayer Meetings
  • Do's and Don'ts of Corporate Prayer Meetings
  • List of New Testament Prayers
  • Sacred Trust Sign Up Form
  • Example Sacred Trust Sign In Sheet
  • Prayer Leader Instructions
  • Basic Harp and Bowl Model
  • Worship Team Roles
  • How to Build the HOP Handbook (Book)
  • Cultivating a Life of Prayer (Book)
  • Studies In a Lifestyle of Prayer (Book)
  • Understanding the Prayer Movement (Book)
  • House of Prayer Leadership (CD Resource)
  • Partnership Development (CD Resource) Coming Soon
  • TPR’s Essential Messages (CD Resource)
  • Tabernacle of David (CD Resource)
  • Building His Priesthood (CD Resource)
  • Calling TPR to the Vision (CD Resource)
  • House of Prayer Planting School (come spend a semester with us)
  • Consulting Weekends (Brad comes to consult with you and your team for a weekend)
  • Quarterly Harp and Bowl Workshops (2-3 hours on a Sunday night)
  • Prayer/Worship Leader Training (join a worship team with us for a season)