Preview Weekend for IHOP Interns Students and Staff | Learn About The Prayer Room
TPR Preview Weekend  - Expenses Paid Weekend Visit for TPR Students, Interns and Staff

The Prayer Room Preview Weekends

We've had 40 students and staff come visit our missions base from IHOP-KC over the past couple of months.  We've started bringing groups down to come check out our minsitry and spend some time getting to know our community. Our hope is that some of these students would come do their IHOPU externships with us oreventually move here to help us build night and day prayer. We fell in love with the groups that have come down as we've seen healings, prophetic words come forth and many new friendships forged.  As IHOPU studentshave returned back to IHOP-KC we've heard only good feedback about their stay and their gratitude for our little community.

Interested in Planning a Preview Trip?

Weekends are limited, please contact us to schedule ahead.

Program Details

We try and make these weekends a fun time of getting to know our TPR family, seeing the ins and outs of our minsitry as well as letting you experience the local scene a bit so that you can really get a feel of what it might be like to live here.

Plan a Visit

Are you a current IHOPU student or graduate? Are you an IHOP intern or IHOP staff memeber?  Well if so you're in luck becuase The Prayer Room would like to pay for your expenses and host for for a weekend so you can come visit our misisons base.  Just get a car full of people from around the IHOP-KC base and schedule a weekend with us.

Visitor Testimonies

“I got a lot out of this trip. I felt beloved at TPR, by their attitude and their energy.  We all felt inspired by The Prayer Room community.  If I am able to do an externship I will probably choose TPR.  I felt like I became a part of the TPR family and I thank God for how they served and blessed me!" -Yvonne

“It was so great to visit…The Prayer Room and to get to ask questions about how to function as a thriving house of prayer...I really loved the community and could see how a smaller community would be really refreshing in a lot of ways...close community is something I've wished I had more of during this year I've been here (at IHOP-KC)." -Kim

Check out photos from recent Preview Weekends and see some of the faces of those who have already come to visit.