The Prayer Movement & The Priesthood - TPR Essential Messages - Bible Teaching by Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

We believe that we are living in a very unique time in human history and that the Lord is establishing a prayer movement across the Earth to respond to the pressures of the day.  The Prayer Room Mission’s Base is a small part of that prayer movement and we carry a message and calling tied to the Lord’s unique purposes in this generation.  While all of the truths of the Bible are valuable and relevant for us today we have been commissioned to give special attention to a few key messages.  This CD resource introduces the core teachings that define our calling and the essential messages that help sustain a culture of prayer.

TPR Essential Messages (Short Course)

  Session 1: Intro to the End Times

  Session 2: Intro to the Sermon on the Mount

  Session 3: Intro to Intimacy

  Session 4: Worthy of Night and Day Prayer

  Session 5: Seek Jesus, See Rightly

  Session 6: Purified by God and Tested by the Devil

  Session 7: The Joel Two Lifestyle

  Session 8: TPR Missions Base Distinctives