The Prayer Movement & The Priesthood - Vow of David - Bible Teaching by Brad Stroup
The Vow of David

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By Brad Stroup

The Word of God makes some statements about David that in many ways set him apart from all other men.  These calculated statements about how God viewed David have been preserved for generations as God’s way to make declaration about how unusual of a man David was and how cherished he and his life ambition was to the heart of God.  This unique testimony from Heaven had everything to do with a promise that David made to God in His youth.  This series takes a look at the solemn vow David made to build a resting place for God, a commitment he carried his whole life through.  The sessions are aimed at helping us make discoveries into the devotion he had to see the house of prayer established and sustained in his generation.

Vow of David

  Session 1: A Man of Unusual Dedication

  Session 2: The Words that Moved God’s Heart

  Session 3: Walking Out the Promise