End Time Themes - Second Coming Procession - Bible Teaching by Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

As foundational to our faith as the resurrection of Christ is the reality that Jesus is coming back to be a literal king here on the Earth.  His return will usher in a 1000-year reign and the establishment of a new regime under His leadership.  Heaven is currently planning a hostile take over of the planet in order to destroy everything that hinders love and establish the Kingdom of God.  Jesus is coming with the armies of Heaven to dash the nations and destroy all that is in His way.  He will punish nations, peoples and the Antichrist systems that are in opposition against Him.  Jesus is coming for His Bride, to bring her the justice she is due and to claim His inheritance.  The Second Coming Procession is the dramatic series of events surrounding Jesus’ return; it is where He shows forth His true identity and majesty, which was veiled at His first coming. 

Second Coming Procession (Short Course)

   Session 1: His Glorious Appearing

   Session 2: Disproving the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory

   Session 3: Beginning of the Procession on the Earth

   Session 4: Marching Through Egypt

   Session 5: Coming Up Through Jordan

   Session 6: Entering Jerusalem

   Session 7: The Final Battle

   Session 8: Returning to the City