Book of Revelation - The Spirit and the Bride Say Come - Bible Teaching by Brad Stroup

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Teaching Series By Brad Stroup

Jesus has long been waiting for the day that He gets to receive the reward of His suffering; His spotless Bride. What we don't often think about is the literal day that He will come and receive His inheritance.  The end of this age will be full of judgment and reward, difficulty and blessings, but the Book of Revelation promises us that it all ends in a wedding celebration unlike anything we can imagine.  Jesus is waiting for His Bride, the Church across the, Earth to cry out night and day for His coming. This teaching series takes special notice of the events that usher in the Lord’s return and the heart posture that the Church must embrace before His second coming.

The Spirit and the Bride Say Come

  Session 1: Behold I am Coming Soon 

  Session 2: Making Ready 

  Session 3: A Sober Warning