Wholehearted Living - Eternal Rewards - Biblical Teaching by Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

The Word of God is full of promises about eternity; it speaks much about there being rewards that will last forever.  The reason the scripture describes these eternal rewards is because God wants us to have them, He wants us to understand how the decisions we make now impact not only this present age but also our lives in the age to come.  When we have an eternal perspective it causes us to live with focus instead of aimlessness; when our minds are full of eternity we pay attention to how we are spending our time and energies now.  This series gives an overview of some of the things promised in the next age and describes how to live in this age in order to see those rewards in the next.

Eternal Rewards

  Session 1: The Blessings of Eternity

  Session 2: The Economy of Heaven 

  Session 3: Blessings of Many Forms