Wholehearted Living - Standing Against Common Spiritual Attacks - Biblical Teaching by Brad Stroup

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Teaching Series By Brad Stroup

The Devil is a personal Devil not just a concept of evil, he is real and his forces are real.  The Apostle Paul tells us that we are in a fight against demonic forces and not against people or circumstances (Eph. 6:13).  If we do not keep ourselves aware of that fact then we can frequently find ourselves overcome by temptation and spending energy fighting against people; even people we love.  This series is not a theological breakdown of how spiritual warfare works, though it certainly touches on that some.  Instead the focus of these teachings is to identify three common avenues of attack; offence, anxiety and depression, and to give some insights into how we can stand against these in the heat of the battle.

Standing Against Common Attacks

 Session 1: Working Through Our Offense

 Session 2: Overcoming Overwhelm and Anxiety

 Session 3: Breaking Out of Sadness