House of Prayer Leadership - Organizing People to Pray - HOP Equiping Message by Brad Stroup

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Teaching Series By Brad Stroup

The main task of the director of a prayer ministry is to recruit and organize people to pray.  We live in an event driven culture where people will show up for a one off prayer event that is promoted well, but the story is a very different when you start talking about building a culture of prayer where prayer meetings happen every day in an ongoing way.  The most important reality for the existence of a house of prayer is that there be people in the room everytime you have scheduled prayer meetings but this is the single most difficult thing to get our noncommittal generation to actually do in a sustained way.  This series provides some ideas on how to navigate that and help people be successful in making and keeping commitments to come together for prayer.

Organizing People to Pray

 Session 1: Importance of the Sacred Trust

 Session 2: Getting People on Board

 Session 3: Administrating the Sacred Trust