Intimacy with Christ - The Gift of Salvation - Bible Teaching by Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

God is not far off and unapproachable; He desires weak and broken people.  He wants us to seek after Him all the days of our lives; this is the privilege that we carry in this beautiful gift of salvation.  We have been redeemed out of darkness for far more than just the washing of our sins; God wants us to enter into relationship with Him on so many levels.  When we know who we are to God we relate to Him far differently, with a right view of God we interact with Him and respond to His commands with a perspective of love and obedience.  This series intends to help us get a better perspective of eternity in light of our salvation, to see His desires for us more clearly and understand some of the privileges that we have in God now that we are part of His family. (Sessions are samples from various FSM course curriculum).

The Gift of Salvation

 Session 1: Saved into a Relationship with the Living God

 Session 2: Identifying What Salvation is and Isn’t

 Session 3: Truths about Eternal Life