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Below you will find stand alone documents that we use on our missions base for various reasons. We are making these available for your download and use in an effort to provide you with some examples of how we do things at The Prayer Room. The docs are divided according to the theme they apply to but these forms, trainings and study tools serve many functions for us as a misnitry so there is not a one specific purpose connecting the resources on this page. We hope that these docs will be of some help to you. You are more than welcome to edit and use any of these docs in whatever ways are helpful to you.

Prayer Movement

Scripture on the End Time Prayer Movement
Brief History of 24/7 Prayer
What is an Intercessory Missionary?
Biblical Mandate for 24/7 Prayer

End Times

150 Chapters on the End Times
100 FAQs on the End Times
Concordance of End Time Themes & Topics
End Times Chapter Cheat Sheet
End Times Time Line

 Book of Revelation

Map of the Throne Room Book of Revelation Chapter Outline


 Intimacy and Wholehearted Living

Devotional Prayers
Prayers From the Psalms
Hymns of Revelation Prayers
Apostolic Prayers List 


 House of Prayer Resources

Basic Harp and Bowl Model Training Prayer Leader Guideline for Intercession


 Prayer Leader Themes and Topics

Church Unity
Equipping the Church in Intimacy
Establishment of 24-7 Prayer in DFW
Market Place
Prayer for the Nations
Preparation for the Lords Second Coming
Revival and Citywide Transformation
Social and Political Issues
Solemn Assembly
The Lost

 Getting People Involved

Worship Team Application
Sacred Trust Sign Up Sheet
How Do I Get Involved Around Here


 For Use in the Prayer Room

Intercessory Prayer Tips
Open Mic Guidelines
The Prayer Room Etiquette
20 Reasons Why to Pray Corporately
What to do in a Prayer Meeting


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