Wholehearted Living - How to Hold Our Hearts Before God - Biblical Teaching by Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

The human heart is a complicated thing.  Learning how to posture ourselves before God rightly is a life long process with many obstacles as well as beautiful moments of victory.  As followers of Jesus and friends of God we all want a strong and balanced relationship with Him; there are things that we can we do to help cultivate healthy hearts that do not neglect or accuse Him no matter the circumstance.  These three sessions aim to identify the deceit that is found in each one of our hearts that we must learn to overcome and how we can use the world of our emotions to cause our hearts to reach for Jesus all our days.

How to Hold Our Hearts Before God

 Session 1: Give Us the Fear of The Lord

 Session 2: Contentment in All Things

 Session 3: Victory is in the Reach