House of Prayer Leadership -Promotional Efforts - HOP Equiping Message by Brad Stroup

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Teaching Series By Brad Stroup

You can’t afford not to market; if no one knows that you are there then no one will come to your prayer meetings.  In our modern context, promotion is just as much a responsibility of the leadership as paying the bills in order for the ministry to operate and grow.  Keeping in mind that the primary audience for most house of prayer ministries is going to be the 20 year old crowd your effort need to be aimed in a specific direction and your presentation matters.  This leadership track covers variety of subjects related to branding and promoting your ministry in a way that makes people aware of what you are doing in order to hopefully get new people to come visit.

Promotional Efforts

 Session 1: Developing Your Brand

 Session 2: Creating an Online Footprint

 Session 3: Utilizing Other Media