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House of Prayer Leadership Tools

This page serves as a menu to help house of prayer leaders navigate our webiste to find everything that we have to offer regarding prayer movement resources, programs and trainings.  Please feel free to use our resources any way that is helpful to you; you have full permission to copy or edit our teaching notes, use any of our materials and change documents for your own use.  We hope this is helpful to you.

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The Prayer Room's Story

After 11 years of holding daily corporate prayer meetings our missions base has grown from a handful of people in my living room into a thriving community with night and day prayer at it's center. Our prayer room now runs 18 hours a day 7 days a week with live worship and is kept running by about 70 volunteers and a dozen missionary staff. We currently have visitors come from about 50 different churches in the region and we offer a part time Bible school.  Things have grown!

We feel a strong calling to help equip other leaders and houses of of prayer across the nation in their journey toward establishing and strengthening a culture of prayer in any way that we can.In an effort accomplish this goal we have tried to develop resources that fill a need in the prayer movement. These vary from free downloadable docs and audio series to short term training programs at our base to onsite consulting and seminars where we come to you.  It is our hope that some of these resources will be useful to you as you seek to build the Lord's house in your local context. Even if none of these prove helpful we are still very glad to be in relationship with you as fellow laborers in the prayer movement.

We want to do everything that we can to help build and strengthen the house of prayer so please let us know if there is anything that we can do to try and serve you, your team or your community.

Until He comes,

Brad Stroup

Director of The Prayer Room Missions Base


Please contact my assitant with any questions at


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In our journey we often found ourselves coming up short, always operating with little money, limited human resources and no one to get answers from as we reinvented answers to problems that nobody really understood. This handbook represents seven plus years of hard learned lessons of trying to build a house of prayer from the ground up.  The 14 sessions lay out practical steps we’ve learned of how to establish and maintain a house of prayer with limited resources and influence.  I was surprised at how great of a joy it was to write this handbook; I was motivated by the hope that I could save people many headaches by simply providing ideas that had been proven to work at least once.  I pray this will become a helpful resource to many who embark to pioneer houses of prayer in the coming years.


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