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We are living in a unique hour where many things are shifting in the culture around us, both within and outside the four walls of the Church.  The saints are busier than ever, there are false teachings rising and the missions movement now has a definable end in sight for world evangelism; we are living in a very interesting time.  Through it all the Lord is calling His Church back to Himself and into to the place of prayer. Each summer we host a  Praying Church Leaders Conference where we discuss the issues effecting the Body of Christ today and the role that we believe the Lord desires for prayer to take in our congregations, ministries and lives.   

Sessions include times of corporate worship and teaching and we are also offering a special leadership track for current church, ministry, business, or small group leaders, or anyone else who is considering starting a prayer initiative.

This annual leadership summit seeks to expound upon the concepts of the Prayer Movement beyond house of prayer ministries and reach out into all expressions of the Church that are interested in strenghtening the subject of prayer.  We recognize that Jesus is the one calling His people to the place of prayer; we want to partner with Him in calling leaders from ministries of all types to begin developing a prayer culture within their ministry or congregation.  Our desire for these Leadership Summits to help resource and equip leaders to call the people the Lord has given them influence with to lifestyles of prayer.  Sessions will include extended times of worship, teaching, practical instruction, and testimonies from those who are doing various expressions of The Praying Church. 

  • To meet other leaders in the prayer movement
  • To share ideas of what’s working and what’s not
  • To encourage, equip, and resource leaders
  • For those who are currently leading a house of prayer of praying ministry
  • For those wanting to start a house of prayer
  • For those desiring to start prayer meetings in their local church






The Prayer Room Missions Base

Arlington, TEXAS