Weekend Visits for Leaders
Weekend Visits for Leaders

Considering a Visit:
House of Prayer leaders are always welcome to come visit our missions base and glean as much as they can.  We encourage leaders from outside the DFW area to come spend a weekend with us in order to see how we do things first hand.  If you are considering a visit there is plenty to do once you are here.

What We Can Offer You in a Weekend Visit:
1.  Attend our Saturday Night Encounter Service
2.  See first hand how we run our missions base
3.  Get to interact with members of our community who are helping to run this base
4.  Participate in whatever workshop or leadership training offered that weekend
5.  Grab some of our avalible documents and brochures from the lobby 
6.  Schedule a one on one meeting with one of our senior leaders

To Get the Most Out of Your Visit We Suggest:
1.  Calling a week or two ahead of your visit in order to schedule a meeting with one of our leadership team members.
2.  Schedule your visit on a weekend that we already have either a workshop or a house of prayer leadership track scheduled.
3.  In order to get the most out of your visit plan to spend the majority of the entire weekend up at the missions base either in prayer meetings. 
4.  Talk to as many people as possible.  Spend time interacting with members of our community; everyone is very friendly and helpful, many have been with us for many years and are very knowledgable. 

One on One Meetings:
We do offer one on one meetings where you or a couple members of your team can come and meet with one of our leaders here at our missions base.  We can answer quesitons and help as best as we can with a limited time frame.  Because of our busy schedules however we have to have these meetings at our location and limit the meeting length to 45 minutues long.  To try and schedule one of these meetings times please email us at info@theprayerrroomdfw.com.

Our Suggestion:
We appologize for how limited we are to offer one on one mentorship, but becuase we are a busy missions base we have limited human resources and time. To be able to best serve a house of prayer and offer tailored advise and counsel we suggest that you consider bringing in our of our leaders who has been building with us for many years for consulting.  We would love to come give focused attention at your locaiton for a weekend to help you build your infrustructure and strengthen what you are already doing. To learn more about Consulting Weekends and to hear testimonies from other houses of prayer who have already had us come help them click here.