Get Involved with The Prayer Room Community
Establishing Night and Day Prayer in Dallas Fort Worth

Commited to Building Night & Day Prayer and Worship in the Dallas Fort Worth Region

Three ways to get involved

Sign Up
for a Prayer Meeting

Want to come and get invovled at TPR?  For us the starting point is to join one weekly prayer meeting where you committ to being in the prayer room at a set time each week.  We encourage everyone who comes around the missions base to join at least one prayer meeting per week to help us build.  Signing up for a weekly prayer time doesn't require any skill or even that you pray out loud, you simply committ to being in the room for your prayer meeting and tryign to connect to the Lord.  We call this The Sacred Trust, join a meeting today!

Lead on a
Worship Team

If you are a singer, musician or prayer leader and you are wanting to get involved in helping to lead one of our prayer meetings we need you.  We have been building worship teams and adding new sets for over 14 years now and we have really learned to value the volunteers who have given of their time and energy to help us move toward 24/7 prayer.  In our model each prayer meeting utilizes a variety of roles and skill sets and we are currently auditioning singers, musicians and intercessors who can take one devo set a week or help strengthen our current worship teams.  If interested in trying out please contact our worship department.

Join Volunteer or Missionary Staff

Come join TPR's growing staff today and help us build night and day prayer in the region. We have several types of staff positions avialable depending on how deeply a person wants to come get involved.  The most popular is our "Volunteer Staff" which is about a 10 hour per week committment aimed at getting those with full time jobs fully immersed into our ministry and community. We also have full and part time positions avilable for those who feel called to do this as their occupation.