House of Prayer Leadership - Keeping the Vision Before the People - HOP Equiping Message by Brad Stroup

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Keeping the Vision Before the People

Teaching Series By Brad Stroup

The call to keep regular prayer meetings going is rigorous work.  In order for people to stay the course of making prayer a priority in the midst of our culture people need to be filled with revelation about why and clear about the impact they are having.  It is essential that the leaders of prayer ministries clearly and regularly present the vision and then continue to keep the vision before the people or they will not have the sustaining grace to stay steady through the years.  This series focuses on the what, why and how of vision casting.

Keeping the Vision Before the People

 Session 1: Without Vision the People Perish

 Session 2: Primary Messages that Empower Hearts to Pray

 Session 3: Making Vision Part of Your Culture