House of Prayer Leadership - HOP Administration - HOP Equiping Message by Brad Stroup

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Teaching Series By Brad Stroup

The purpose of this leadership track is to identify some of the practical administrative efforts necessary to run your prayer ministry.  Most of these concepts are not unique to the house of prayer but would be helpful for getting any sort of ministry started.  It’s been my experience that many of those who the Lord is calling to build His house are pioneers who have never had to form a ministry before and don’t have anywhere to identify the proper steps to take.  When we started off I certainly had zero experience to these simple steps; not even enough exposure to them to know that these where things I was supposed to do.  Now that we’ve been helping ministries launch for some years we’ve found the details of this session to be invaluable for many.

HOP Administration

 Session 1: Developing Good Systems

 Session 2: Office Management

< Session 3: Leadership Do’s and Don’ts