House of Prayer Leadership - Recruiting Mechanisms - HOP Equiping Message by Brad Stroup

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Keeping the Vision Before the People

Teaching Series By Brad Stroup

Every leader wants for their prayer ministry to grow and we are constantly looking for ways to get new people involved.  But the nature of the house of prayer asks people to do something they aren’t used to; to actually commit to spend time each week in a room with other believers to pray. As is turns out not everyone that you meet will want to make this commitment or be willing to continue doing it long term.  This means that for your prayer ministry to continue to grow you will constantly need to be recruiting new people into the vision.  This series focuses on ideas and systems that have proven to be effective in bringing in new faces that you can present the vision of the house of prayer and call to lives of prayer.

Recruiting Mechanisms

 Session 1: Starting a Weekly Service

 Session 2: Doing One Time Events

 Session 3: Offering On Going Training