Testimonies of God's Grace in the Lives of Believers

Testimonies of God's Grace

Sara Gobel

His Healing Power

Sara shares the story of how God healed her from Celiac Disease. She struggled to find food at restaurants that she was able to eat because most items either contained wheat or dairy or had been prepared with contaminated utensils. Though she was one skeptical of God’s healing power, an encounter with God she had in The Prayer Room changed her mind.


John Stokes

Encountering His Presence

John encountered God’s presence in The Prayer Room after being invited by his brother. After a near-death experience and years of struggling with a worldly lifestyle, John began to fall in love with the kindness of God and the joy of his presence through prayer, worship and supernatural encounters.


Lauren Meek

Encountering His Voice

Lauren grew up in church, but knew little about having a personal relationship with God or how to hear His voice. Desperate for a deeper revelation of the person of God, Lauren accepted an invitation from a high school friend to attend a prophetic conference where the Lord wrecked her heart in the best of ways.


Lisa Loper

His Community

Lisa heard about The Prayer Room while attending the One Thing Conference at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. After going through a rough season of isolation, Lisa quickly fell in love with the prayer movement. Eventually, Lisa found the community she was longing for at The Prayer Room.


Brett and Amy Ater

Raising Children in His Presence

Brett and Amy believe it is vital for their children to grow up in a prayer culture, especially in this generation of increasing darkness. Their kids have learned to pray and sing apostolic prayers found in scripture by immersing in the prayer room environment, and are establishing a relationship with God from a young age.


His Healing Power

His Healing Power

Payton shares about how God healed her from scoliosis and severe back-pain at a prayer conference, evening out her hips supernaturally and solidifying her belief that God is a healer. Years later, Holy Spirit told Payton about Lara’s similar back condition, and after praying together, Jesus did another miracle.