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SSM Fall Semester Starts Aug. 29th, 2021  (taking applications now - scroll to the bottom for application form)

The Prayer Room’s School of Supernatural Ministry is a faith engaging program where students will learn practical ministry application of the truths and skills they are learning each week.  Students will spend several hours each week in times of training and several more in our prayer room learning to fellowship with the Holy Spirit as learning to sit in God’s presence and listen to His Spirit is a necessary lifestyle component for anyone wanting to operate in the supernatural flow of the Holy Spirit.  This school is designed to give the eager believer a foundation in the practical theology and ministry training of how to live a life ministering in the gifts as a normal daily activity.  

SSM Course Description
Over the course of this semester of ministry training, be prepare to be challenged, encouraged, and stretched into all the purposes that God has for you as a minister in His Kingdom.  We want for our SSM students to come away from this school with a working understanding of how the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit works and how to practically apply what they’ve learned.  Our school is therefore broken down into five practical training components that complement each other and flow together throughout the semester in order to provide our students with an optimal training environment.  In SSM, students will learn about their identity before God and how to begin having an active prayer life as ministers on God’s behalf.  Classes will include instruction about spiritual gifts and the person of the Holy Spirit.  Students will learn how to fellowship with the Holy Spirit, engage in listening prayer, and discern prophetic impressions, and they will gain foundations in personal ministry, prophecy, healing, and prophetic evangelism.  Throughout the semester students will be given plenty of opportunities to minister in a safe environment, and toward the end of the semester, they will begin going out on the streets in teams to minister in the supernatural.

THEOLOGY: Biblical Teaching

Our SSM students will attend weekly theology classes in which they will be taught the biblical foundations of supernatural ministry.  These teachings will help ground students in the Word of God as their primary source and the plumbline for how to for move in the gifts. 

EQUIPPING: Instructions on How 

We don’t stop at presenting theological ideas, however; at our SSM students will receive instruction on how to apply what they are learning in real life ministry situations.  Instructors will equip students with the practical tools to begin ministering in the supernatural throughout the semester. 

ACTIVATION: Practice What You Learn

SSM provides ample opportunities for students to practice what they are learning in the classroom.  Weekly activation exercises will help the students see how various aspects of the supernatural operate while still practicing within a safe learning environment. 

MINISTRY: Minister to People

After a few weeks of training, SSM students will begin to apply what they are learning in real ministry situations outside the classroom.  We have scheduled ministry opportunities where students will minister to our staff, special visitor nights where students will minister to guests (where we will invite the community to come in and receive ministry), as well as a few scheduled outreach times where we will send the students out on the streets in teams.

PRAYER: Lifestyle of Prayer

Throughout SSM, students will be committed to multiple weekly prayer meetings as part of the required curriculum.  Having an active prayer life is not optional for those who are wanting to carry God’s heart and minister in the supernatural.  The prayer room is an environment where we can cultivate deeper intimacy with God and so minister rightly on His behalf.  While we require our students to sign up for 3 weekly prayer meeting (2 hours each), we encourage students to spend as much time there as possible during the semester. 


Below you will find the weekly student schedule for this semester of TPR's School of Supernatural Ministry.  Included below are the scheduled times required for all SSM students to attend, as well as the three additional prayer meetings required of every SSM student that they will work with SSM staff to determine.  Please make sure that you can commit to these specific weekly commitments before signing up.

Weekly Schedule Times


Saturday Afternoon: Classroom Teaching 

Saturday Afternoon: Application Exercise

Saturday Night: Dinner Provided

Saturday Night: Encounter Service 

Tuesday Night: Ministry Time 

Additional Homework Prayer Meeting: 
(where students complete weekly homework assignment) 

Additional Usher Prayer Meeting: 
(where students serve as the usher on that prayer set)

Additional Soaking Prayer Meeting: 
(prayer meeting where students have no responsibility) 

4:00-5:00pm (1hr)

5:00-6:00pm (1hr)

6:00-7:00pm (1hr)

7:00-9:30pm (2.5hrs)

7:00-8:30pm (1.5hr)

?:00-?:00pm (2hrs)

?:00-?:00pm (2hrs)

?:00-?:00pm (2hrs)

Fall 2021

School is 16 Weeks Long (w/ Fall break)

Aug. 29th – Dec. 18th

10-12 hours per week 


Luke Fredenberg
Luke is an outstanding man of God who faithfully serves here at The Prayer Room as a Senior Staff member, worship leader, teacher, and administrator. He is dedicated, humble and a passionate lover of Jesus. As our SSM director, Luke is one of our many SSM teachers but he does so much more. He handles all the administrative responsibilities for SSM, oversees the ministry nights, and tends to any of the needs of our students throughout the semester.
You may email our SSM Coordinator with questions by CLICKING HERE


Tuition + Application Fee Housing
SSM tuition is $400.  Tuition cost includes all course notes and all other printed materials required for SSM as well as a weekly meal together on Saturday nights before Encounter Service.  Students will be involved in over 60 hours of teaching, instruction, equipping, training, debriefing, and supervised ministry during the semester as well as 60+ hours of focused prayer meetings. Additional $75 non-refundable application fees are due for any semester of SSM (this fee pays for all costs related to our office administration and processing efforts). Unfortunately housing is not available to SSM students this coming semester.

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