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Each of our part time training programs include Bible instruction as well as clear and practical application of the things being taught. Students participate in weekly prayer meetings, attend our Saturday night Encounter Services and quickly become part of The Prayer Room community. The programs we offer are unique because they address specific issues pertaining to this generation.  We provide training in such areas of ministry as planting houses of prayer, operating in the supernatural, leading prophetic worship and raising up children to be messengers that know their God.

School of Supernatural Ministry


The Prayer Room’s School of Supernatural Ministry is a semester long program in which students gain an understanding of who the Holy Spirit is and how He works in the life of the believer today.  Each week, students are taught from scripture about being used by the Holy Spirit to minister to the Church and the lost world around them in a naturally supernatural way.  Students are also given

opportunities each week to put into practice the things they are learning.  Topics covered in the School of Supernatural Ministry include the ministry of the Holy Spirit, prophecy, healing, deliverance and power evangelism.  This program is ideal for those desiring to walk more fully in the power of the Spirit.   

Daniel Academy

Daniel Academy

We are living in a culture that is fighting against Jesus and the truth of his word.  Children today will face unique pressures related to the significant culture changes taking place in their lifetime.  It is the vision of the Daniel Academy to prepare our children to face these pressures by cultivating in them love for the one who loves them with an everlasting love that, much like Daniel, they would walk in the calling that God has on their lives and

have the wisdom and strength to stand with Jesus, even when the world around them does not.  There need to be training institutions seeking to answer these pressures with training that intentionally addresses the issues our children will be faced with.  Our vision statement - “Academically and spiritually equipping students to stand with Jesus.”

Forerunner Music Academy


TPR’s  Forerunner  Worship  Academy  is  a  part  time  training  school  (approx.  12-15  hours  per  week)  aimed  at  worship  leaders,  singers and musicians.  From  the  beginner  musician  to  the  advanced  worship  leader,  FMA  exists  for  all  those  wanting  to  cultivate  a  passionate  heart  of  worship  and  lead  others  into  deeper  encounter  with  His  Spirit  through 

anointed  music.  No  matter  what  venue  you  lead,  play,  or  sing  in,  this  school  will cause your heart to grow  deeper  in  love  with  Christ,  to  increase  in  your  skill  level  and  excellence  on  the  platform,  as  well  as  equip  you  with  the  tools  you  need  to  help  others  connect  with  the Lord’s heart in Worship.

House of Prayer Planting School


Our House of Prayer Planting School is designed to help those who feel called to plant or lead a house of prayer or praying church.  This program provides a unique learning environment by giving future planters through first hand experience, practical training and exposure to several different expressions of what the house of prayer can look like.  Students will experience the inner workings of our

missions base as they participate in the administrative dynamics of how it is run at its various levels.  They will also have weekly access to our leadership team as we provide each student with mentoring for the specific expression of the house of prayer that they feel called to be a part of.

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