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TPR’s Forerunner School of Ministry is a part time Bible School offering classes each semester. Students may sign up for courses based off of interest or take all the classes offered that semester. Curriculum varies each semester, but our course themes include End Times, Life in Christ, Forerunner Lifestyle, Revival, The Prayer Movement and New Testament Christianity. Courses from our Forerunner School of Ministry are open to all and provide a great way to receive in-depth Bible training on a part-time basis.

Participation in our prayer room is part of the course requirements; our students are in the prayer room two hours for every one hour of class time, the combination of theological education in the midst of night and day prayer is what makes the FSM a unique environment that our students flourish in. Students choose which prayer meetings they wish to commit to (one per FSM course they sign up for) and then maintain that weekly time before the Lord for the duration of the semester. Please check our website for updates as well as to see what is being offered this semester.

Course Themes Offered at FSM:
(specific course titles not listed)

Eschotology (End Times)

Intimacy with Christ

Sermon on the Mount Lifestyle

The Forerunner Message

The Global Prayer Movement

Cultivating a Life of Prayer

Importance of this Generation


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