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Immerse InternshipEquipping you with the tools you need to grow in your life in God 

Dates: Jan 11th - May 1st, 2021      Orientation: Jan 10th, 2:00pm

in Your Life in God
for Ministry
Living in Authentic
  • 8 Hours Per Week Spent in Our Prayer Room
  • Recieve Instructions on How to Pray
  • Learn How to Engage More with the Holy Spirit 
  • Monthly Participation in Our Community-Wide Fast (first Mon-Wed)

  • You Will Have the Opportunity (with Approval) to Play/Sing/Prayer Lead on Worship Teams
  • Ministry Classes will Broaden Your Understanding of the Bible
  • Learn How to Minister to and Pray for Others
  • Learn How to Lead Prayer Meetings in Any Context 

  • You’re Joining a Passionate Young Adult Community
  • We’ve Built in Intentional Times of Fellowship
  • You’ll be Part of Weekly Small Group Discussion
  • You’ll Have Near Daily Interaction with Our Leadership






IMMERSE is a part-time young adult internship (18-35 years old) designed to renew a vibrant heart for God by giving yourself a season set apart for the Lord to strengthen and refresh you as a believer.  You will be challenged through powerful Bible teachings, you will be surrounded by godly community, and you will be given the tools that you need to really grow in a life of prayer.  The part-time schedule is very reasonable even for those with a full-time job.  Interns are strengthened through weekly times of training, teaching, and relationship building and are immersed into our community through weekly attendance of our Encounter Service.  Additionally, interns sign up for four weekly prayer meetings (they choose) which creates a unique environment to grow in relationship with their fellow interns, TPR's community, and most importantly with the Holy Spirit.  Immerse yourself into a life of prayer, authentic community, the Word of God, and a season set apart to know Him deeper.



Learn how to grow in a lifestyle of prayer, encounter God in your Bible reading times, hear His voice, see Him move through you, and discover what God doing in this generation.  We want to provide you with a season to inspire you and awaken your heart to go deeper in your life in God through provoking classes, weekly discussion groups, and daily times of prayer. 




The Prayer Room is the center of our base and time spent in God's presence is always one of the most impacting components of Immerse. Our interns have consistently told us they were marked by the Lord through the concentrated time spent in the prayer room each week (8+ hours).

Awakening is your weekly theology class with teachings focused on drawing your heart closer to Jesus through the Word of God.  You will be both challenged and strengthened in your walk with God by these provoking classes.

Forerunner Lifestyle

The Equipping Tools Class will be the most practical part of your week as you receive instruction about real life ways to strengthen your prayer life, enjoy your time in the Word, love God more wholeheartedly, and learn how to minister to people.  Then you will spend time together in class applying what you just learned.

Introduction to the End Times

The Intro to the End Times Class will help provide you with a broad understanding of the end times.  This is a very important subject for this generation to engage in as it becomes increasingly more clear that we are living in the decades leading up to Jesus’ return.

The Group Discussion Class is a laid-back time together with your fellow interns talking through various Bible passages.  The objective on these nights isn’t to get through the verses, but rather to enjoy the journey together as you discuss biblical themes related to prayer and knowing God.

A Generation Set Apart Community Nights are fun and are intended to be an encouraging time each week for you to connect with your fellow interns in a more personal way.  These nights provide a small group feel and allow you to share what God is teaching you and pray for each other.  Often this will spill over into your dinner break and we encourage interns to go out to dinner or grab a bite and bring it back to the base.




Students Choose 4 Prayer Meetings (sample shows suggested prayer times)


Tuition for a semester of Immerse is $350 and includes a non-refundable $75 application fee.  A weekly meal together is included in your tuition.  For those who are coming from out of town, we appologize that we do not have housing available at this time (please arrange your own accommodations).



The Prayer Room is a parachurch organization, not a local church.  We are grateful to be in partnership with churches all across our region and we require that our interns attend their home church weekly.  If you do not have a local church, we can help you find one that fits you, as we know many great ones in the area.



Apply for Immerse here.

Forerunner Equipping Center » Immerse

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