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Fall Semester Dates: August 27th - December 16th, 2017
(Orientation Sunday August, 27th @ 2:00pm)

Immerse yourself into a life of prayer, authentic community, the Word of God, and a season set apart to know Him deeper. Immerse is a part time internship designed to renew a vibrant heart for God by giving yourself twelve weeks set apart for the Lord to strengthen and refresh you as a believer. You will be challenged through powerful Bible teachings, you will be surrounded by godly community, and you will be given the tools that you need to really grow in a life of prayer.

Tuition: $250  |  Housing: $250 per month (limited)




Internship Curriculum

IMMERSE is a part time young adult internship (18-35 years old) designed to renew a vibrant heart for God by giving yourself a season set apart for the Lord to strengthen and refresh you as a believer. You will be challenged through powerful Bible teachings, you will be surrounded by godly community, and you will be given the tools that you need to really grow in a life of prayer.  The part time schedule is very reasonable even for those with a  full time job.  Two nights a week interns are strengthened through trainings, teachings and community building activities and are immersed into our community through weekly attendance of our Encounter Service.  Interns also sign up for two weekly prayer meetings which creates a unique environment to grow in relationship with their fellow interns, TPR's community and most importantly with the Holy Spirit.

Program Requirements

Immerse provides interns a season that will be both challenging and encouraging.  In order to participate in Immerse interns must commit to all of the following program components.

Sacred Trust: The foundation for our missions base is our prayer room. Interns will spend 4 hours a week before the Lord in the prayer room by choosing 2 Sacred Trust prayer meetings that they will commit to attend each week.

Encounter Service: Our Saturday night Encounter Services are the one time each week where the whole community has an opportunity to come together. Interns must attend this weekly time of corporate worship, ministry, and instruction. (Saturdays 7-9pm)

Weekly Classes: A major part of this internship are the class times, which have been designed to equip and exhort our interns. Interns must commit to be in attendance for all of the classes (Tuesdays 7-9pm / Saturdays 4-6pm).

Service Role: Our missions base runs 126 hours a week with live worship, so there are plenty of tasks to be done to keep things running. Interns will commit to doing a weekly service role that helps in one of our various departments.

Fasting Day: The Prayer Room is a ministry committed to both prayer and fasting; as a result we have developed fasting teams that are committed to each day of the week.  Interns will choose a day of the week for the semester where they will commit to fast at some level on that day each week.

Church Attendance: The Prayer Room is a parachurch organization, not a local church. We are grateful to be in partnership with churches all across our region. We therefore require that interns attend their home church weekly. If you do not have a local church we can help you find one that fits you as we know many great ones.


Interaction with Our Leadership

We have been intentional to make sure that our interns will get plenty of interaction with our senior leadership team.  We see the great value in our interns, and we want to make sure that we are able to connect with them during their time with us. For this reason we have scheduled several ways for that to happen throughout the semester.

Class Instructors: TPR senior leaders will rotate through as instructors and will be teaching some of your classes.

Senior Staff Dinner: As part of your tuition, we are planning a special dinner at the base with the Senior Staff for you to be able to connect with them.

Panel Q&A Session: We also have a scheduled panel Q&A session set between our interns and the Senior Staff during the semester.

Build New Relationships

As part of your tuition we have built in a number of fun relational activities aimed at being able to connect with your fellow interns as well as with the community at The Prayer Room.

Community Events: We encourge interns to fully immerse themselves in TPR community life, including planned TPR activities and whenever groups go out to dinner. 

Intern Outings: Each month we have planned drink runs (where we go to Sonic or Braums to get Boba or coffee) scheduled into your class time to connect with your fellow interns.

Graduation Party: At the end of your semester we will plan an internship graduation party where we will take some class time to go out and do something fun together.

Out of Class Assignments

We don’t want for our interns to be overwhelmed with out of class work but we want to make sure that they get as much out of their time with us as possible. As part of Immerse, interns will be given a few strategic assignments.

Visiting Another House of Prayer: We want for our interns to experience other house of prayer environments here in the region as well as see other expressions of how communities of prayer can look. Interns will visit at least one other house of prayer here in the DFW area and fill out a questionnaire which will be provided for them.

Interviewing a Staff Member: We want our interns to get a window into what life is like around here for our TPR Intercessory Missionaries; our full and part time staff members. Interns will set up a 15 minute interview with a TPR missionary of their choice to ask them questions about their job, what they do, and why (questionnaire provided).

Prayer Movement Listening Assignment: We want for our interns to get the bigger picture of what the Lord is doing in the Earth regarding the house of prayer. Nothing casts this vision clearer than listening to IHOP’s Prophetic History, so interns will be assigned to listen to the 8 session MP3s in their own time and be ready for a discussion about midway through the internship.

Forerunner Lifestyle Listening Assignment:
This series is designed to equip interns for a consecrated lifestyle of intimacy, prayer, and partnership with Jesus in the unique dynamics of this hour of history. As part of this internship students, are required to listen to our 10 part course on the forerunner lifestyle and will have weekly debriefing and discussion on each week's session during class time.

Course Descriptions

house of prayer values This class introduces interns to The Prayer Room community, and helps interns establish and develop their prayer lives. It focuses on the values of the prayer movement, and the values of TPR as a ministry, to cast vision for the importance of the place of prayer.
Forerunner Lifestyle This class centers around what it means to be a forerunner; that is the lifestyle required for us to be effective messengers in this generation.  These messages will greatly challenge interns in their walk with Christ to want to love Him more. 
Introduction to the End Times Intro to the End Times is a Forerunner School of Ministry course that will allow interns to experience TPR's Bible School. This class is dedicated to giving interns a broad understanding of the end times; an important subject and central to the calling of this missions base.
A Generation Set Apart This mandatory listening assignment will present who Jesus is and what He wants to do in and through this generation.  Interns will be given a unique perspective into their purpose and their part in what God is doing and be provoked to serve Him with all their hearts.
Ministry and Equipping Night Ministry and equipping times are unique in that they will focus more on allowing interns to learn and experience things in a more  practical, hands-on way. These ministry nights will include field trips, workshops, testimonies, and ways to connect with our leadership. 


Forerunner Equipping Center » Immerse

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