Strike Teams
Srike Teams | Missionary Outreach for Houses of Prayer


We are beginning to send out teams of 5-6 people, who will come at no cost to you, to help strengthen your ministry in whatever ways we are able to. We can provide training in a number of areas that may be helpful to you and your people; we can do nights of worship, one-day seminars to provide instruction on a variety of training subjects or we can come in and conduct a whole conference for you. Our goal is to share the strengths of our organization with other like-minded ministries in our state and broader region. For us this is an awesome opportunity for our staff to get out and use their gifts and it strengthens our base because of all the testimonies that come back with our teams when they go out to serve.

Luke Cooper - Senior StaffExperienced Teachers

For the last three years we have been raising up a group of teachers at The Prayer Room in order to teach in our Bible school, at our Encounter Services and to lead workshops and one day seminars. We would now like to offer their services free of charge to come lead a weekend conference or equipping.

Luke Cooper - Senior StaffExperienced Builders

After 10 years of building night and day prayer we have a number of people in our midst who are more than qualified to offer consultation to your ministry on various aspects of how to start, lead and grow your house of prayer. We would like to offer their services free of charge to come help your ministry in whatever area of consultation you may need.

Andrew MeekExperienced Worship Leaders

For over a decade we have been leading prayer meetings with live worship. We have now trained hundreds of worship leaders, singers, musicians and prayer leaders in the Harp and Bowl model and we regularly help non-musicians begin the journey of learning an instrument. We'd like to offer any of these services to your ministry at no cost.

"I am really excited about finally being able to send teams out from our base to go hopefully be useful to ministries in other cities and regions beyond our's been a long time in coming. I know they will serve you well!"

-Brad Stroup
Director of The Prayer Room Missions Base

Services We Provide

  • Harp and Bowl Training
  • Prayer Leader Training
  • Basic Musician Training
  • Prophetic Ministry Training
  • Growing in the Prophetic Mini School
  • Partnership Development Training


  • Offer a Time of Prophetic Ministry
  • Talk to People About the Intercessory Missionary Lifestyle and Struggles
  • Provide Q&A Sessions on Anything Related to Things Mentioned in this Email
  • Organize Break Out Sessions on Various House of Prayer Related Themes
  • Extended Times of Prophetic Worship


  • How to Begin a House of Prayer
  • House of Prayer Growth and Expansion Strategies
  • How to Establish a Strong Community
  • Relating to the Local Church in Your Region


  • Intro to the End Times
  • Signs of the Times
  • House of Prayer
  • Tabernacle of David
  • Passion for Jesus
  • Song of Solomon
  • Prayer and Missions
  • Cultivating a Life of Prayer
  • Growing in the Prophetic


We want to begin to export that which the Lord has imparted to us in the hopes that it will be a blessing to ministries like yours. This is why we are offering the services at no cost; we want to be a blessing. We simply would need a place for a team of 5 to 6 people to sleep for two nights and if you are able to help by providing food for them while they are with you that would be greatly appreciated (we can supply our own food as well if needed). Would you consider hosting one of our strike teams for a weekend? We would love to tailor a weekend of ministry to your specific needs; let us come in for a weekend and serve you and your community.