Passion for Jesus Conference
Sound the Alarm Conference

Passion for Jesus Conference | August 09-10


We need to spend more time talking about Jesus, about the Greatest Commandment to love Him with all our heart and about the toxic culture all around us that is slowly stealing the fire out of the heart of so many believers.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  We were created with an internal ache to run headlong after Jesus for all of our days and the Holy Spirit is very willing to empower us to do just that. But to live that type of wholehearted lifestyle we will have to learn what it looks like to throw ourselves fully into God and trust Him completely with our lives.  We want to invite you to join us this August 9thand 10thas we re-sign up to passionately pursue Jesus together.


Recent Encounter:

A couple of weeks ago our director (Brad Stroup), had an encounter with the Lord where the Holy Spirit identified a few things that He wants us to focus on as a community. This conference was birthed out of that encounter as a way for us to gather and rekindle our Passion for Jesus. The teaching content for this conference flows out of the points that the Spirit highlighted for us.  We are using this time to turn our hearts to Jesus and believe that the Lord intends for this to be an important moment for our community and all who choose to be part of this heart felt, responsive gathering.


Encouraging Teachings:

Come ready to be challenged and encouraged to love Jesus more.  The teaching sessions all flow out of that encounter and focus on things that the Holy Spirit wants to invite us into in a deeper way in this next season. 

  • Being intentional about our responsiveness to Jesus and His leading.
  • Fully embracing the greatest commandment in this house.
  • Practical ways to grow in love for Jesus.
  • Embracing our calling as community. 


Prophetic Ministry:

We are very excited to make prophetic ministry available during this conference; this is the first time in a long time that we have been able to make this beautiful ministry of encouragement available.  We will have ministry teams ready on Saturday from 10:00AM-12:00PM and anyone wanting to receive prophetic ministry can schedule a time slot then but must first be registered for the event.

Panel Discussion:

We are going to host a panel discussion centered around the obstacles and pressures that stand in the way of expressing our wholehearted love to Jesus.  This will be an open and honest dialogue with our senior leadership team as they talk through person failures, their heart’s intentions as well as practical strategies to overcome the obstacles that are common to us all.


Corporate Prayer Times: 

Normally, during an event like this we would schedule extended worship times before the teaching sessions, but we are going to approach this conference differently.  Instead, we are going to use these times to pray together, to really press in for an increase of God’s grace in our community. As a result, these worship times are very much going to be part of our corporate reach for more of Jesus. 



We are also going to schedule in response times after the teachings to help facilitate an environment where we can respond to what the Lord is speaking to us individually and corporately. We believe these times will be integral to us receiving all that the Lord has in store for us.



Registration Costs:

Staff: Free for TPR staff 

Early: $15 (before August 1st)

Late: $20 (on or after August 1st)


Conference Schedule

Friday Night:

5:00PM     Registration Opens

6:00PM     Prayer Meeting: For the Holy Spirit to Awaken Our Hearts

6:50PM     Announcements

7:00PM     Session 1: A Toxic Culture All Around Us

7:50PM     Worship / Reflect / Journal / Prayer Time

8:10PM     Session 2: The Call to the Greatest Commandment  

9:00PM     Ministry Time



Saturday Morning:

10:00AM   Prophetic Ministry Appointments

12:00PM   Dismiss for Dinner



Saturday Afternoon:

2:00PM     Prayer Meeting: To have Passion for Jesus All Our Days

2:50PM     Announcements

3:00PM     Session 3: Practical Ways to Love God with All Our Heart

3:50PM     Worship / Reflect / Journal / Prayer Time

4:10PM     Session 4: Obstacles and Pressures Panel Discussion

5:00PM     Dismiss for Dinner



Saturday Night:

6:00PM     Prayer Meeting: To Live Lives Worthy of Our Calling

6:50PM     Announcements

7:00PM     Session 5: A Community Called to Run Hard After Jesus

7:50PM     Worship / Reflect / Journal / Prayer Time

8:10PM     Session 6: Calling Us Back to One Thing

9:00PM     Ministry Time

Brad Stroup

Teacher Bio

Brad and his wife Amy have three children and reside in South Arlington.  They have a heart for this generation to enter into wholehearted lifestyles with Christ as center.  As director of The Prayer Room, he oversees the various ministries and duties for the leadership and the overall running of this house of prayer.  Brad called this group of intercessors into daily prayer meetings in September 2005 the day after the Holy Spirit clearly told him to “start a daily prayer meeting tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. and don't stop until I come back.”  Brad took that word very seriously and rallied together a small group of believers into daily prayer and worship meetings that have continued since that day.  He has a vision to see tens of thousands of believers in the DFW area meeting daily in corporate prayer meetings all over the city praying for revival and preparing for Jesus’ return.