The Great Falling Away

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By Brad Stroup

There are very real consequences for not being aware of what the scriptures teach (Ho. 4:6).  There are even more perils promised for those who refuse to heed the commands of God; who do not do what the scriptures teach us to do (Mt. 7:13-14; Jn. 15:2, 6; Ro. 6:23).  The Bible promises that a delusion will come with such strength in the last days that it will actually cause a great number of believers to deny the faith and choose the path of wickedness.  Jesus and the New Testament writers warned us sternly about this because those who go this path will end up in Hell.

The Great Falling Away

  Session 1: A Most Disturbing Trend

  Session 2: End Time Deception 

  Session 3: The Increase of Wickedness