Answering the Present Crisis in America

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By Brad Stroup

America sits ripe for judgment as sin steadily grows in our land and our nation turns her back on our Christian heritage.  The Lord is not going to let this stand, He is far from done with our country; but there is an ominous question that should weigh heavily on the heart of every believer in this hour.  God is going to move and show Himself strong in America, but through what means will we see God move?  Will it be by devastating judgments or through life giving revival?  This is the present moment that we are living in and the while the crisis can be averted and we could even see God bring about historic blessing in it’s place thus far there is still a woefully inadequate response to Him for the scale of justice to tip from judgment to favor.  In this series we will examine the problem, the solution and the course that we are currently headed on.

Answering the Present Crisis in America

  Session 1: Identifying the Problem

  Session 2: Searching for the Solution

  Session 3: Responding to the Crises