Eschatology in the Psalms

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By Brad Stroup

Psalms is a most amazing work with layers of revelation about God and instruction about life for the believer.  There are therefore many ways to approach reading and studying the 150 Psalms that we have recorded.  The aim of this series is to help us begin seeing the Book of Psalms as more than merely worship text but also as well-developed end time theology record by those who were part of David’s house of prayer.  Those who spent significant time in God’s presence were shown in depth insight into the events and trends of the final generation.  They recorded their revelations in songs that have been handed down and sung by the saints for thousands of years.  We will take a closer look at many of the repeated themes of what these songs tell us about the last days. 

Eschatology in the Psalms

  Session 1: Seeing the Psalms in a New Light

  Session 2: Trouble in the Last Days

  Session 3: Dawn of a New Age