Faithful Until He Comes

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By Brad Stroup

The unique pressures at the end of the age, especially those that will befall those in places of leadership will create a particularly difficult context to stay faithful to the Lord.  This theme is given a significant amount of attention and one thing that the scripture repeatedly makes clear is that it’s not how we begin the race that matters but how we finish it.  As believers and followers of Jesus I believe that we have three basic mandates; to love Him from our heart, to serve Him with our lives and to obey Him in all we do.  At the end of the age every believer will be faced with three related questions and be judged accordingly; Did you cultivate love for me?  Did you serve my Kingdom purposes?  Did you obey my teachings and instruction?  In this series we will look at what God is wanting for and from us as answers to each of these questions.

Faithful Until He Comes

  Session 1: The Faithful and Wise Servant

  Session 2: The Five Wise Virgins

  Session 3: The Good and Faithful Servant