Longing For Eternity

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By Brad Stroup

The only way that we can really make sense of this present life is to peer into the next with eyes of faith.  Every person will live forever somewhere; whether in a place described as paradise or in Hell for those reject Christ.  The Bible gives us an ocean of insights and glimpses about Heaven and the age to come; not only telling us what it looks like but what life will be like as well.  We have access to the Holy Spirit’s notebook where He paints a beautiful and inexpressible future for us who believe.  We want for our spirit to engage the truths about eternity that will cause a deep inner longing, filling us with expectation and making our day tot day life far more relevant.  In this short course we will see what the scripture has to say about that glorious future and seek to allow the information to impact our hearts into a greater pursuit of Jesus and fuller obedience to Him in this age.

Longing for Eternity (short course)

  Session 1: Foundations for the Age to Come

  Session 2: The Eternal Kingdom (sorry, no audio)

  Session 3: Pleasures Forevermore

  Session 4: Enhanced Interaction With God

  Session 5: Life With a Resurrected Body

  Session 6: The Man on the Throne

  Session 7: The Beautiful City

  Session 8: A Day in the Life of Heaven