Martyrdom in the Last Days

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By Brad Stroup

Increased persecution and violence against the Church is a certainty in these coming decades; the Bible makes this abundantly clear.  Evil and righteousness will rise together creating the hottest spiritual climate in human history.  In this setting the Antichrist will launch his bloody agenda against the saints in an all out war against the Church.  While he will take the lives of countless millions of believers things will not go how he hopes as mass martyrdom will actually backfire on him.  The death of every righteous saint will only embolden the Church to preach the gospel more and stand strong in their faith.  As these dark days approach we need to begin to prepare ourselves for the coming onslaught that we might stand strong when we and our families are faced with the ultimate sacrifice. 

Martyrdom in the Last Days

  Session 1: Getting the Right Perspective

  Session 2: End Time Increase of Persecution

  Session 3: Living As Martyrs