The House of His Delight

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By Brad Stroup

You have found yourself in a very unique environment; one that is creating a place where Jesus will eventually be adored night and day.  For us this isn’t a neat side ministry, it’s the mandate that the Lord gave us and it is the main thing that we are doing and what we are about here.  Now one of the blessings that the Bible speaks to is that those in His house are given great access to His Heart and to the knowledge of God.  The scriptures make some interesting and powerful statements about this unusual environment and it is our desire in this series to investigate those promises as well as to come to a better understanding of how God views the house of prayer.

The House of His Delight

  Session 1: His Affection for the Ministers in His House

  Session 2: There Will Be Joy in His House

  Session 3: Zeal for His House