The Victorious Church At The End Of The Age

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By Brad Stroup

There are many surprising and exciting aspects of the end time drama that we believe the Body of Christ will experience in the coming decades.  The last days can rightly be defined as both great and terrible (Jo. 2:11, 31); this series will focus on some of the “great day” dynamics related to God raising up His Victorious Church that will stand firm in the face of difficulty.  The Bible paints a picture of the Church in the last generation walking in power, prayerful, righteous, unified and fully embracing Jesus’ leadership.  The hope of this 3-part teaching is to help us piece together how the Church fits into these great dynamics, that we would be able to recognize them in the scriptures, rejoice about them ahead of time and then participate with them as they begin to unfold around us in the coming decades.

The Victorious Church at the End of the Age

  Session 1: Growing Up Into Fullness

  Session 2: A Unified and Praying People

  Session 3: Entering Into Divine Power